In life, we are given a rarified opportunity to live countless life experiences. Many of us move through decades of our lives, without wonder of its mysteries, as if they were meant to be ignored … until that one moment when we wake one day to an “awareness”. And a spiritual awareness, an inner sense of yearning speaks to us about something we’ve been seeking. Something we intuitively know is there, but that we simply cannot easily see.

When stopping to reflect upon the experience of living one striking thought hits me squarely in my heart. And that is that this hidden wonder tucked under our skins is our spiritual essence. 

It is our soul’s dance, that opens the way for our real growth. Sadly, this voice is often pushed aside. Instead of creating space for exploration, we find ourselves with too much to do … too many other pursuits to follow, too many excuses to distract the unique call that wants to rise up from within us. Sad, isn’t it?

I believe in the evolving, gentle heartbeat of modern spirituality.

It needs us, and we need it. And yet we struggle: “There are only so many minutes in the day, how can I fit anything else in? My spirit can wait!”  But can it really?  Why not try to begin at the beginning? Here’s an easeful step-wise path for your personal spiritual development that will help guide you, day by day, as you gift your attention to that which is needing transformation.

Why not try, and begin to journal how you begin to feel?

  1.  Plan your morning. Bring some focus to managing your time, rather than letting it manage you.
  2. Choose a consistent daily prayer. Pray.
  3. Take a five to thirty minute daily walk. Be observant. Be mindful. Be present. 



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