Avid athlete. Fitness professional. College professor. Recovering multiple stroke patient. Celebrating Spirit in all living things. Embracing unity amidst diversity, and promoting an open-hearted life, by example … in the midst of a world in tremendous distress.

Reverend Constance McClain is a lifelong spiritual seeker.  Along that path, she became a spiritual mentor through the Claritas Institute of Spiritual Mentoring & Inquiry, a program designed and brought to life by Joan Borysenko.  Furthering her dream of becoming a minister, she is a graduate of The Spiritual Paths Institute of InterSpirituality in Santa Barbara, California. 

Her love of dance, hiking and helping others prompted her to become certified as a Master Exercise Specialist through the Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX, where she then became a specialist in Somatic Education with a primary focus on integrated movement … designed to guide students and clients into an embodied awareness of the Inner Spirit within.

From her tenure as Personal Fitness Program Director at UCSB, to her current work with students at Ventura College in Spirituality as a critical dimension of health … Constance has been a lifelong advocate of a humanity that is aware of all of its potential, using all of its dimensions of wellness.

A completely unexpected near death experience in 2013 brought her an increased sense of urgency to to become more deeply in service … and in 2017, her enduring dream of ministry was fulfilled, and she was ordained as an InterFaith/ Interspiritual minister through the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.

Today, Constance has an unwavering perspective: that her love of life, all things sacred, holy and divine continue to support her through even the most life-changing of adversities, and it is being mindful of this spiritual dimension of health that is at the very core of her new book, Mindful Paths: Steps Towards a Living Spirituality.


Constance has spend a lifetime educating thousands, from ages 3 to 93, in the benefits of optimizing both spiritual and somatic wellness. By integrating all of the dimensions of health into one cohesive, mindful and healthy whole. Enjoy all of that experience on an individualized, or small group basis. Read about her services, and schedule an appointment today.

Spiritual Mentoring

Mindful Paths mentoring provides you with individualized spiritual companionship.  

In Celtic spirituality, there is a beautiful word for this joining of two souls in the walk of sacred journeying. The word is “Anamcara.”  

You will be mentored on a weekly basis, and we will be using exercises from our latest release — Mindful Paths: Steps to a Living Spirituality.


We are now offering one-on-one sessions, where you will be gently through a variety of meditations by your Anamcara.

This is a wonderful way to establish a heightened sense of competency (self-efficacy) as you begin to develop your preferred, personal practice.


Mindful Paths workshops build upon many of the practices and self-assessments which can be found in our latest book, Mindful Paths: Steps to a Living Spirituality.  

Working with others in these sessions manifests a unique energy, while building relationships with other spiritual seekers, all like goals.

We offer these workshops to networks of friends, schools, community organizations and businesses. Please contact us for more details!



Mindful Paths:
Steps Towards A Living Spirituality

Validate Your World View

Spiritual exploration is a personal pursuit. Learn more about who you are, how you came to be who you are, and how to transform those parts of yourself you think will improve your life — now.

Learn To Honor Your Inner Voice

Learn to more closely align with your spiritual self, and trust that your compass always points true north. Begin to see yourself with a sacred grace, and a clear vision for a better you.

Live A More Mindful Life

Learn to be fully present in the moment, through your investigation of time-proven practices that support mindful, on-purpose living. Slow down in a world on information overload.

Polish Your Heart

Explore the grace of gratitude, the benefits that deep listening can bring to your relationships, and how open-hearted living can make compassion more central to your life.



When I began Constance’s Steps Towards A Living Spirituality program, I was coming out of a very difficult period of alcohol and drug abuse. Her course has helped to support me in so many ways. I will be forever grateful.



This is easily one of the best classes that I have ever taken. It was a challenge because it made me look at myself, how I look at others… and why. I can’t recommend it enough for those my age, or at any age.



As a single mother of 4 children, the Mindful Paths program has given me a greater sense of balance in my life, which has allowed me to be far more effective at home, and at work.



“Constance really offers ways for anyone to change their life. She and her partner James often have different perspectives on the same topic, so there is always something to think about!”





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