MARCH, 2016

“Many of us feel an emptiness buried deeply inside, and this blank space is often managed in the most unhealthy of ways. Some folks turn to alcohol, while others turn to food, sex, exercise or work in an attempt to fill this persistent void with something. Why has this hole become such a common thread between so many people in our society today?”  – Constance McClain

Are you one of the people I’ve mentioned above? 

If you are you’re one of the fortunate ones who have just identified this potentially serious problem, then you know that it actually has a gentle and fascinating solution! What you have just uncovered about yourself is a big possibility you have been spiritually ill-at-ease … and that this kind of inner dis-ease, or dis-comfort may lead to choices and/or behaviors that may have been stealing your sense of self-respect, self-confidence and self-worth.

These are fast-paced, often hectic times in which we live. Many of us have separated ourselves from the spiritually supportive environments we once cultivated … a church group, meditation group, nature group … even a spiritual book club where we once met weekly to discuss spiritually nurturing subjects with friends of like mind. Life-generating subjects like love, kindness, gratitude or healing … subjects much too often overlooked in our technologically obsessed world.

Why do we yearn for a center within ourselves?

What is the emptiness we are actually experiencing? Of course it will take your dedicated personal reflection and discernment time to begin to better know. Seek the supportive, open ears of a spiritual mentor, or member of the clergy with whose tradition you feel aligned.

You can also approach this work with the guidance of a spiritually-trained psychologist. The best thing to recognize in this process is that it takes time to fill up this kind of emptiness, and that the precious time it takes is not time lost, but rather a spiritual investment whose returns to you are simply without measure.

In doing so, we remember the very best of reasons why we have survived as a species for thousands of years: love, kindness, gratitude and compassion … and that it must all begin with ourselves.

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