Most of us want to find a place of inner peace in our lives.  This inner peace speaks to our ability to maintain ease within our psyche, our thoughts, our bodies … in short, the complete experience of living our lives.

When we cultivate a state of equanimity, we become skilled in remaining calm under pressure, or stress.  Many of us lack this ability, and the richness of our lives is less for it … for the simple reason we have not been shown how to cultivate it.

What a shame. So, how can we develop a mind filled with poise, exquisite self-control and mental clarity … even under pressure? In a word … mindfulness!

It’s a way of living I could not be more passionate about.

From the first moment I laid my eyes on the cover of a book written by one of my lifelong heros, Thich Nhat Hahn … his succinct, mindful way of writing had me smitten and hooked!

There are so many miraculous, highly-documented benefits of the ancient practice of mindfulness that it makes absolutely no sense to avoid learning about  this life-changing practice.  Research tells us that with even just 15-20 minutes a day of any form of mindfulness training, we can experience a real cornucopia of benefits, including:

increased empathy and equanimity, lowered blood pressure, improvement in our listening and perceptual skills, improved mood, and awareness of the world within and around us!

Imagine how your world view might change with improved moment-by-moment reasoning and an objective, non-judgmental mindset. 

The amazing part? Mindfulness can be practiced while sitting (zazen), walking, or even while standing!

I can attest to the fact that, in my own life, mindfulness has changed many of the negative tendencies of my early life’s conditioning … bad habits that I had absorbed from others as a child (the nature of this conditioning is invisible to us when we are living through it as young people). 

In today’s world, we can open to healthier new worlds of understanding and perception simply by practicing mindfulness everyday … where like a breath of fresh air, we can feel our hearts and minds expand into worlds of inner peace, equanimity and improved self-respect.

What’s not to love?

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