By Constance McClain & James Walker

Mindful Paths:

Steps Towards A Living Spirituality

Mindful Paths: Steps Towards A Living Spirituality is a result of Constance McClain’s 30-year exploration into the vast world of spiritual practices and religious commonalities. Her work has evolved into a fully-accredited college curriculum in Holistic Studies – the first of its kind in the state of California.

Please join her and co-author James Walker in an adventure of the Spirit which will transform you, and which will change the ways in which you perceive yourself, your personal possibilities and your relationships with others forever … with an ever expanded sense of respect and reverence for a world in need of larger love, compassion and human rights.

Meet The Authors

Constance McClain

Reverend Constance McClain is a lifelong spiritual seeker.  Along that path, she became a spiritual mentor through the Claritas Institute of Spiritual Mentoring & Inquiry, a program designed and brought to life by Joan Borysenko.  Furthering her dream of becoming a minister, she is a graduate of The Spiritual Paths Institute of InterSpirituality in Santa Barbara, California.

Her love of dance, hiking and helping others prompted her to become certified as a Master Exercise Specialist through the Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX, where she then became a specialist in Somatic Education with a primary focus on integrated movement … designed to guide students and clients into an embodied awareness of the Inner Spirit within.

A completely unexpected near death experience in 2013 brought her an increased sense of urgency to to become more deeply in service … and in 2017, her enduring dream of ministry was fulfilled, and she was ordained as an InterFaith/ Interspiritual minister through the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.

Today, Constance has an unwaivering perspective: that her love of life, all things sacred, holy and divine continue to support her through even the most life-changing of adversities, and it is being mindful of this spritual dimension of health that is at the very core of Mindful Paths: Steps Towards a Living Spirituality.

Meet The Authors

James Walker

Reverend James Anthony Walker began his formal studies in
music composition at Boston University, and later as a Graduate
Teaching Fellow and founding Director of the Computer Music
Studio at The University of Chicago. While today much of his work
is best described as‘painting with sound,’ he still finds it a distinct
honor to have studied with four Pulitzer Prize winners, as well as
many gifted mentors along the way.

He was ordained in 2017 by the One Spirit Interfaith Ministry, and today he blends his musical vision, his years of research into generative techniques, and his spirituality… into transformative ambient music that has been highly acclaimed for use with meditation, relaxation, therapy for the sleep-deprived, and supportive environments for a wide variety of somatic practices.

Today, he and life partner Rev. Constance McClain co-direct Oasis of the Heart, an inclusive InterFaith/InterSpiritual ministry without walls… drawing spiritual nourishment from the core tenets of many of the world’s great wisdom paths, and together, they seek to promote a deeper understanding of the beliefs we all share in common, so that we can begin to better embrace our differences.

It has been his joy to collaborate on this book, as he has been witness to the life-changing effects that this work, through Constance’s mentorship, has brought to so many over the years.


‘It is in the struggle that we learn to fly.’  Mindful Paths: Steps Towards A Living Spirituality is a wonderful guide to reflection, and a thoughtful workbook for cultivating reverence, through actively engaging our soul across all dimensions of this amazing journey Home.

– Camille Hamilton Adams Helminski
author, “Ninety Nine Names of the Beloved”


February 7, 2019

Paradise Found, Book Signing • Santa Barbara, CA

One of our favorite shops ever! Theresa and her crew make it a truly sacred space, and we know you’ll want to visit this Santa Barbara treasure again and again. We hope to see you there!


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Mindful Paths:

Steps Towards A Living Spirituality

Spiritual exploration is a personal pursuit. One where you are seeking your own most authentic self: who you are, how you came to be who you are, and how to transform those parts of yourself you think will improve your life now … as you embark upon a more mindful path that fully embraces the present, while looking ahead with integrity to the future.

This book is about the self-discovery of you, and how to begin to look at your world through a more mindful, authentic lens … one that is truly yours, and one where we begin to better recognize the importance of working together to create a better world for ourselves, our children, and for all sentient beings.

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