Steps Toward A Living Spirituality has come into being as a result of exploring the vast world of spiritual practices and Religious commonalities for the past fifty years, and has become a certified college curriculum in Spiritual Health, the first of its kind … in California. The work of Constance McClain and Mindful Paths for over thirty years has at first glance brought a lot of seemingly separate disciplines into play, with students and professional clients who have ranged in age from 4 to 99 years young. This fully somatic, holistic approach … designed to guide students into an embodied awareness of the Spirit within through integrated work in a wide variety of mindfulness practices … has now become available as an online course: Steps Toward A Living Spirituality.

Steps Toward A Living Spirituality is a thoroughly unique approach to Spiritual Development … now presented online as a progressive, compassionate guide to cultivated self-awareness. A guide that embraces spirit-driven service: to ourselves as uniquely creative embodiments of spirit, and to others … by encouraging community from a heart-centered outlook. This 16-week process will explore it all by assessing your spiritual perceptions and beliefs, and then set out to challenge and enhance them as the coursework draws deeply from the very heart of the world’s great wisdom paths … their philosophies and daily practices.

Lesson #1
Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography

Select a time and place for this reflection where and when you will not write a short spiritual autobiography of your lifetime’s spiritual experiences and insights from as early in your life as possible to the present moment. There is no length requirement for this experience. Just do not rush it!

Lesson #2
Defining Spirituality vs. Religiosity

Many of us in these modern times of technological living are noticing a deep yearning within, I believe , as I explored these feelings in myself that what I was yearning for was a connection to our life Source, called God or Gods in the wisdom traditions of the millenia. Once I began to nurture this inner yearning by focusing daily attention on “Source realization” I began to experience a remarkable change in multiple dimensions of my life.
I began to see Divine, holy and sacred moments everywhere. Once this transformation (define transformation here) took hold in me my life took a most beautiful turn for the better. When one sees the world as an abundant, soul enriching place. False, unnecessary habits and skewed perceptions begin to vaporize like a mystical mist rises, swiftly from the meadow at daybreak’s call.
A primary understanding here, begins with taking a close look at our beliefs, our biases our perceptions and perceived understandings of Source in our lives and in a clear discernment of the differences and commonalities of spirituality and religiosity (defined.)

Lesson #3
Spiritual Language

Transforming ourselves in any dimension of our being begins with a highly motivated desire to do so. In order to accomplish this goal it will help greatly to lose part of our daily vocabulary and to change the landscape of our thoughts and actions. Propelled by the words we recognize as special and higher order thinking. For example: One might be used to using a word I find reprehensible and counter productive to spiritual transformation, that word is hate. I do not want to be a person who feels hatred or hate. I do not want to be a hater. Instead I want to be a lover. Of All beings in as non-judgmental a way as possible.  In order to accomplish this spiritual transformation the words we cultivate for ourselves are essential to be aware of and to put into action throughout our day.  in this piece of our work we’ll identify and define a variety of higher energetic vocabulary from which to embody throughout our day.

Lesson #4
The 48-hour experience
This experience will provide a concentrated focus on one spiritual dimension you’ve chosen to work on. Over the next 2-7  days.

Lesson #5
The Mindful Pathway (Mindful Living, Mindfulness Meditation, Walking Meditation)
Here we begin to take a deep look into the broad benefits of mindfulness training as we experience two processes of mindfulness meditation. Developing a state of mind and presence in the world of mindful awareness is a life-changing experience.

Lesson #6
Sacred Space: creating your environment and foundation of support
Through this process of looking for and committing to one, 2 or more spaces you recognize as holding sacred energies for yourself where you can go to to support your spiritual health developmental process, alone.

Lesson #7
Reflection to Discernment: an honest inquiry
Gaining a clear understanding of the difference between these two activities is essential to the inner work you are embarking on.  you will be asked to write of your perceptions regarding the differences of these approaches on a specific spiritual quality you are working on.

Lesson # 8
Cultivating a Spiritual Self-Image (Consciousness Evolving)
Just as the girl or boy scout dons an outfit reflecting their involvement and commitment to the scouts, so do the clothes you wear reflect your picture of yourself.

Lesson #9
Where Science Meets Spirituality: Self-Directed Neuroplasticity
In this work you will look at the most current research on how a meditation practice will actually change the structure of you brain, improving vital areas that are instrumental in various cognitive processes on a spiritual level.
Lesson #10
False-Self or True Nature? (Self-Image)
Lesson #11
Chanting As A Spiritual Entryway
Lesson #12
Lesson #13
Lesson #14
Lesson #15
Lesson #16

Follow this link to sign up for our 16-week intensive: “Steps A Living Spirituality”. A new lesson will be available every week for 16 weeks, and we’ll invoice you as each one is ready for release. Let’s get started on a path towards your spiritual health today!