Constance McClain

Constance McClain


Constance earned her Master’s degree in Human Performance at The University of Oregon, has been certified as a Spiritual Director/Mentor through the Claritas Institute of Spiritual Mentoring & Inquiry, is a graduate of the Spiritual Paths Institute of InterSpirituality in Santa Barbara, California, a certified Master Exercise Specialist through the Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX , and a Somatic Education Specialist with a primary focus on integrated movement designed to guide students and clients into an embodied awareness of the Spirit within.

Mindful Paths has come into being as a result of exploring the vast world of spiritual practices and Religious commonalities for the past fifty years, and has become a certified college curriculum in Spiritual Health. the first of its kind … for Ventura Community College in Ventura, California. The work of Constance McClain and Mindful Paths for over thirty years has at first glance brought a lot of seemingly separate disciplines into play, with students and professional clients who have ranged in age from 4 to 99 years young.

This fully somatic, holistic approach … designed to guide students into an embodied awareness of the Spirit within through integrated work in a wide variety of mindfulness practices … is now soon becoming available as an online course: Steps Toward A Living Spirituality.

Mindful Paths has evolved, through Constance’s dedicated efforts, into a thoroughly unique resource, with a thoroughly unique approach to Spiritual Development … a progressive, compassionate guide to cultivated self-awareness. A guide that embraces spirit-driven service: to ourselves as uniquely creative embodiments of spirit, and to others … by encouraging community from a heart-centered outlook.

Constance is looking forward to her ordination as an InterFaith/InterSpiritual Minister in the Spring of 2017 … work which has already begun to enrich her private mentoring practice. In the meanwhile, her highest hopes are for you:


“Please join us in an adventure of the Spirit which will transform you, and which will change the ways in which you perceive yourself, your personal possibilities and your relationships with others forever.”         – Constance


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