The Gift

One of my most beloved poets, Emily Dickinson wrote these words that never leave me: “To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” The first time I realized that all that “stuff” I fantasized about living my life was actually meaningless was after...

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Most of us want to find a place of inner peace in our lives.  This inner peace speaks to our ability to maintain ease within our psyche, our thoughts, our bodies … in short, the complete experience of living our lives. When we cultivate a state of equanimity, we...

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Infused With Spirit

Inspiration.The root meaning of inspiration is spirit. To be in spirit is to be inspired. When we take a breath in, we are bringing spirit into ourselves with greater:Attention.When we include an intention to brighten or expand our spirit, we enhance the energetics...

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Listening For Calm In A Frenetic World

Most of us are able to recognize for ourselves when the world has become too loud for us to move fluidly and comfortably throughout the day. When our inner world has become imbalanced. Along with this state of mental challenge and possible physical exhaustion,...

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What Is This Inner Yearning?

Why do we yearn for a center within ourselves? "Many of us feel an emptiness buried deeply inside, and this blank space is often managed in the most unhealthy of ways. Some folks turn to alcohol, while others turn to food, sex, exercise or work in an attempt to fill...

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Another Valentine’s Day

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone.“With love that begins in a mindful heart and centered presence, we never need feel unloved, unloving or alone.”- #Constance McClainValentine’s Day. The day of love.One of those greeting card holidays so often mentioned by...

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Seeking Spiritual Ground

When stopping to reflect upon the experience of living one striking thought hits me squarely in my heart. In life, we are given a rarified opportunity to live countless life experiences. Many of us move through decades of our lives, without wonder of its mysteries, as...

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What is soulfulness if not the authentic breath that comes from your very core … in your personal life, of course … but in what also has the opportunity to manifest as the vital, creative energy that can drive your business with rich, new ideas?

An opportunity to build an authentic, connected community within, that can then authentically reach out to your target audience with innovative products and services that are supported by honest, heartfelt communication.

Take action. It starts with you. Click here for your copy of our free eBook: “Your Spiritual Presence”.

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